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A mobile party DJ for any family function such as an Engagement party will need plenty of real time experience. Usually the Engagement party will be when the two families meet for the first time and most people will be more reserved than normal. Although this can also be true for a wedding party, there are other elements to a wedding celebration such as the wedding ceremony, the photos afterwards and reception meal and the speeches etc. By the time the music starts everyone has had a a chance to relax and get acquainted.

As in all parties its essential the audience bonds and shares in a collective feeling of goodwill. If the families are complete strangers its worth playing it a bit cool to start with to let everyone have a chance to settle in and get to know each other.

An engagement party can sometimes get of to a slow start, so it may be more appropriate for the Party DJ to aim for a low key music selection to begin with. This is important because a party has several functions and its difficult socialise if the music is too loud or too fast too soon. However don't worry after a few drinks everyone will be in a party mood and the dance floor will soon fill up.

That said, chances are if its a young couples engagement party they will have plenty of friends all of the same age. They will know each other well and will want to get into it almost straight away. We recommend you add some time to your party, and its best this happens at the beginning of the evening i.e. a standard 8 - 12 midnight party should be extended by perhaps an hour. Its likely older family members will arrive first while younger friends will meet up in the pub, this extra time will allow some quality "get to know you time" before the younger friends arrive and the crazy dance floor action begins.

0208 367 5217 0774 6391061

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